We also offer the extremely popular low-cost "Pre-WDI" Inspections (to ensure a 'clean bill of health' prior to the Official Report) as well as "Second Opinion" Inspections.  

Old and New termite trails show up differently 

FROM LINE 'J' OF OFFICIAL REPORT (LAST SENTENCE):: **If this inspection report recommends any type of treatment and you have any questions about this, you may contact the inspector involved, another licensed pest control operator for a second opinion, and/or the Structural Pest Control Service of the Texas Department of Agriculture. 



**For each paying Home Buyer you send us for a WDI Report - You will receive one WDI Report for free to offer your next buyer**   

Feel free to build a relationship with us, so we can customize options for YOU and your clients. Some of our 'friends' 

receive Specials/Freebies (everyday) when they help promote us to their clients for future maintenance (every homeowner in Texas WILL need pest control at some point--making it an easy promotion::Most just mention us and add one of our business cards to their paperwork or folders). 

​How Fast does your current company 'turn around' the WDI reports? 

  • With our state of the art technology and use of satellites/cameras/software....in most cases we can electronically scan the property address for accurate WDI issues and turn around a report within the hour, so transactions can move ahead on schedule. 
  • ​Perfect Solution to 'last minute' issues....
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