Yes we handle termites as well. Not all pest control companies do. 

Termite Inspection and WDI Report in the San Antonio Area

Before someone can sell a home or most other types of buildings, banks and other mortgage lenders require a WDI report, or wood-destroying insect report, to discover whether termites and other destructive insects have damaged the structure. Conducted by professional inspectors, the WDI inspection looks for the following:

Insect damage
Whether the structure has previously received treatment for wood-destroying insects
Evidence of termites and other WDIs that may be present and require attention

As termites and other wood-destroying insects are very common in the San Antonio area and throughout Texas, WDI reports are essential for determining the value of a structure. Before a buyer invests in a home or a lender finances the purchase, they hire professional home termite inspectors like us to protect their investment.

Over the years, we have served clients as follows:

Mortgage lenders
Commercial banks
Home buyers
Home sellers
Business owners
Residential and commercial real estate investors

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