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We have unfortunately found a huge variance in Bed Bug Exterminator costs in the San Antonio TX area. It is our opinion this is due to lack of knowledge on one end and bad business practices on the other.  

Expert bed bug exterminators can do the task professionally and keep the cost under $2000 for the entire home (single family home). If they want to charge you by the square foot, we recommend finding another company.   

IF they charge too's very likely you'll still have bed bugs after treatment. 

Bed Bug Exterminator Costs 

Do I Have Bed Bugs? Well if you wake up in the morning with tiny, itchy bites on your body, there is a very good chance that you have bed bugs. However, do not assume that every bite mark is from bed bugs, look at the bed bug bite picture above and even search online for other photos. Even a doctor cannot give a positive diagnosis simply by examining bite marks. They can only suggest possible causes for what may have caused the bites.

If you see bugs in your home on or near your bedding or other furniture, you should have your entire home inspected by a qualified professional bed bug exterminator. 

Do I have Bed Bugs? 

  • Not all exterminators and Pest Control companies have the knowledge and training to deal with bed bugs (because bed bugs are a fairly new issue--they are not required knowledge for a pest control license). 
  • There are numerous species of bed bugs; the most common bed bugs are Cimex lectularus L. and the tropical bed bug C. hemipterus Fabr.
  • ​Heat Remediation (the heat method of extermination) does not always work and is very expensive
  • You do not necessarily have to throw out furniture or beds, they can be treated
  • Certain bed bug species can live up to a year without feeding (without biting) 
  • The internet is full of misguided information concerning bed bugs
  • Bed Bug mattress covers are a waste of your money and do not work (**if they worked, every hotel in America would use them)
  • Not all people will react to a bed bug bite (no bumps or rash after being bitten) 
  • As early as 5 years ago only 32% of exterminators had ever treated for bed bugs because bed bugs only came to the US 10 years ago through International travel.
  • All 50 States reported bed bug infestations in 2010. Experts believe ONLY 25% of all infestations are reported
  • ​One bed bug can become an infestation of 13,328 if left untreated for 6 months!
  • You DO NOT have to leave your home during treatment NOR do any major Prep work. The companies that ask you to do these things fall into the category of those who do not have the proper knowledge. For the same reason, these companies will sell you Bed Bug Encasements (see fact #6). Most of these companies are also using the same product/spray that you can purchase yourself at Lowe's or Home Depot. It simply will not work.
  • Do not fear bed bugs; they are easy to kill for a professional with the correct knowledge and training
  • For even more information, visit our web page dedicated to bed bugs: 

Bed Bugs - The Facts 

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