Every City (and Climate) is slightly different in which pests, at what time of the year become a problem for Homeowners and Business Management alike.

The different climates will also have an effect on the product used.

For these reasons, Corpus Christi residents and business management trust

Preston Pest Control to know what is always best for them specifically.

Corpus Christi Pests

Residents of Corpus Christi, TX, enjoy subtropical weather and receive about 30 inches of precipitation each year. The higher moisture in this area attracts mosquitoes, termites and flea/ticks. Mosquitoes are also known transmitters of diseases such as West Nile virus. Ticks typically live in tall grasses and are unknowingly brought inside homes while clinging to people or pets. These pests feed on the blood of both people and pets and are primarily responsible for the spread of Lyme Disease. Fleas are simply annoying and can multiply rapidly.


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